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Russian opposition leaders see Kremlin links to Nemtsov slaying

Russian opposition leaders on Saturday accused the Kremlin of being behind the death of a towering figure of post-Soviet politics, Boris Nemtsov, as they struggled to come to grips with the highest-profile assassination of President Vladimir Putin’s 15 years in power. Opinion: Point Break Hotel


House passes one-week funding extension for Homeland Security

The U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval on Friday to a one-week stopgap spending bill for the domestic security agency, averting a partial shutdown with just hours to spare before a midnight deadline. Opinion: Patricia  This is a great example why everyone is Washington DC should be


Jeb Bush’s biggest CPAC win: No gifts for Democrats

Jeb Bush’s CPAC experience was a success because of what did not happen as much as for what did. Opinion: Tony  The fact is that there is a Party War raging in washington and the people are the collateral damage..I just can't wait for the next 2 years of campaign propaganda to flood the air


Pentagon pulls order relocating military judges to Guantanamo

The U.S. Defense Department said on Friday it had rescinded an order relocating military judges to Guantanamo Bay that was intended to speed up trials of al Qaeda suspects but drew allegations of Pentagon meddling in the judicial process. Opinion: james  These people should of been tried years ago


US sets out 'bottom lines' for Iran nuclear deal

The United States set out what it called its "bottom lines" to reach a deal with Iran to rein in its nuclear program, ahead of new talks next week. Opinion: Commenter  ..the US official spelled out where Washington was standing firm: 1) No member of Iran's delegation will be allowed to laugh and


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