Politics R US

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They use social media to recruit and to communicate with each other.War crimes and genocide: IS systematically killing religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq, study finds
We don't want Jeb Bush. Yahoo keeps pushing him on us, they want him to get nominated because they figure he'd lose.For Jeb Bush, the Q&A is the message
That just tells us Obama is going to speed up the process to get the terrorists back into the battle.Pentagon pulls order relocating military judges to Guantanamo
I'm shockedRussian opposition leaders see Kremlin links to Nemtsov slaying
I'm shockedGreek Hello for Europe
It would be nice to see the Hinomaru in the skies over ISIS territory. You want to get even? Come on over and join the party. I'm named after an uncle shot down the the South Pacific in 1943 but don't hold grudges. The world has moved on and Islam is a prime threat to both our ways of life.“I am Kenji”: Japan mourns
very intelligent personChurchill: The blood sweat and tears behind his finest hour speech
Or if sanctions are not hiked their nuke program will continue either way.Iran could halt nuclear agreement with west if US imposes further sanctions
Would love to see it happen-Too many stipulations from Cuba would prevent any agreement unless US conceded!Guantanamo 'not on table' in Cuba talks
Oh, his legacy of failure is already secure. Have no fear.Dan Pfeiffer, Longtime Obama Aide, Plans to Step Down
Respect for him!Charles de Gaulle
In the end, Obama is doing everything he can, on both sides of "the pond", to topple, discredit, and embarrass Netanyahu. On March 18, I would keep my calendar clear for some more crisis creation from the White House.Obama is a poor victim of the politicizing behavior of Boehner and Netanyahu
I’ve yet to see how “rearranging deck chairs” equates with bailing out or even stabilizing a sinking ship. It’s past time to let this ship (of state – e.g. Greece) go under. It’s only when richer economies quit enabling the borrowing by broke countries that debtor countries will stop trying to borrow to live a rich lifestyle. That is called being responsibleGermany Refuses Debt Writedown for Greece
China attacks anything the Dalai Lama does and anyone he talks to. Don't they realise that every attack increases his credibility?Obama, Dalai Lama due to attend U.S. prayer event February 5
Let's see how many in the media actually believe ISISL. Why haven't we seen or heard about this hostage before? I think this is like the Jordanian pilot who was killed months before the actual release of that video.Islamic State Says Airstrike Killed US Hostage, US Skeptical
Peace really scares the warmongers. It takes a real man to work for peace.Iran, US foreign ministers continue nuclear talks in Munich
I never though Herman Munster would be our Secretary of State...John Kerry: ‘We are on the road’ to defeating IS
He isn't even the Nancy Reagan of the left...How Barack Obama wants to be the Ronald Reagan of the left
There are no limits on rights; if there are limits they cease to be rights and become privilegeObama weighs in on freedom of speech after Charlie Hebdo massacre
So the underlings get canned and the top dog gets to transfer to another department. Sound like our government alright.Secret Service deputy director steps down
This shouldn't be up to the Federal Government. Should be left to the states to decide. Our country would be alot better off, if states made more decisions.Washington, D.C.'s Legalized Weed Battle Comes Down to Word 'Enact'
He had the black vote locked up regardless of what he said. Color trumps everything with most of them, as far as I see.Obama concealed support for gay marriage in 2008
Yet another GOP screwup. Wait until he gets a hold of the economy and screws it up like the 2 previous Bush's!Jeb Bush's emails: Total transparency or violation of privacy?
Isn't it time for Obama's golf game?Obama seeks some limits on ground troops for Islamic State fight
Anybody else remember what happened the last time a guy named Carter ran the military?Senate approves Carter as new defense secretary

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