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    They use social media to recruit and to communicate with each other.War crimes and ge...
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    We don't want Jeb Bush. Yahoo keeps pushing him on us, they want him to get nominated because they figure he'd lose.For Jeb Bush, the...
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    That just tells us Obama is going to speed up the process to get the terrorists back into the battle.Pentagon pulls or...

CPAC: Convention with history of controversy is underway

CPAC: Convention with history of controversy is underway

Straw poll considered barometer for state of conservatism is often a spectacle.



I have stated this before but hope it might take root in the near future. We need a movement to take back our government. Either eliminate corporate donations or put them in a pool that is not given to any particular candidate thus eliminating obligation to donors. Eliminate the electoral college which allows all votes to count. Eliminate re districting which favor current political parties. And honor what are actually non profit groups and not disguised as such which pay for lavish vacations. No more commercial lobbyists


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