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Obama takes shots at 2016 Republicans over middle class brand

U.S. President Obama speaks at the General Session of the 2015 Democratic National Committee Winter Meeting in Washington

With potential Republican candidates for president in 2016 talking up ways to help the middle class, President Barack Obama made clear on Friday he believes it was his idea first.


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All presidents need to tell the public that automation will reduce jobs by a much higher percentage every year and we will never have more jobs no matter who is president(I am very sorry to say but I alone am responsible for 9,563 lost jobs and I worked for Enron in the Energy Services Group automating powerhouses and Johnson Controls). The only candidate to elude to this huge problem was Ran Paul and when Romney (the idiot) was asked about this he simply stated that corporations did what was best for them and would continue to do so but when pressed to answer he said people would find something to do. The problem is that our time in a job is lower than any European country(many people in the oilfield left it for good when they layed off all the oilfield workers in North Dakota this week)! Our average worker now has 3.5 yrs experience where in 1993 they had 8yrs experience. And every time a worker takes less money they put less money in the economy! And this has created millions of new small bus.

in the U.S. driving wages and cost down (look at the H.V.A.C field as a great example)!


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